Partners in Flight Releases New Landbird Conservation Plan!

This revised Plan provides an updated analysis of the population trends and conservation status of all 450 landbirds in the continental U.S. and Canada and documents widespread declines among these species—a troubling indicator of the health of landbird populations and their ecosystems. Nearly 20% of U.S. and Canadian landbird species are currently on a trajectory toward endangerment or extinction in the absence of conservation action.

Download the revised plan today!

The 2016 Plan Revision is presented in two parts. It begins by:

  • updating the “Watch List” of landbirds in need of immediate conservation action;
  • presenting new science, such as using year-round eBird data to assign stewardship responsibility and projecting past trends into the future to estimate species’ population “half-life;"
  • identifying regions of greatest importance to landbirds during winter and migration; and
  • recommending specific actions to guide landbird conservation over the next 10 years to reverse long-term population declines, prevent future species listings, and keep common birds from becoming highly threatened or at risk. 

The second half of the 2016 Plan Revision highlights Migratory Bird Joint Ventures, their conservation challenges and successes, and the continental Watch List species for which each JV shares responsibility. It also provides important information on Watch List species, such as population trends, loss, and extinction risk to aid in prioritizing and carrying out conservation actions across the full life-cycle of these birds.

Check out the new Partners in Flight website to learn about the authors, partners, and to download the full 2016 Plan Revision.

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