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Database Developments

In December 2015, IWMM released the Data Entry and Project Management portions of its online database, developed as a node of the Avian Knowledge Network (AKN). To introduce users to the database, a 2-hour training webinar was presented and recorded on Dec 10, 2015.  IWMM now has a Youtube channel where the webinar can be viewed.

IWMM staff have also developed detailed database documentation to assist users working with the database. This documentation was created as a power point presentation and in addition to providing step-by-step instructions, the slides also include notes with additional information about aspects of using the database.

Links to all database items can now be found at the IWMM website

  • Instructions to register for an account and gain access to IWMM database
  • IWMM Database Training Webinar, Part I: Registration, Project Setup and Data Entry
  • Documentation for IWMM Online Database – Part 1: IWMM Portal, Registration, Project Setup & Data Entry
  • Connect to the IWMM Data Management Portal
  • Sharing Policy for Data Owners and Contributors

IWMM Publications

In our last newsletter, we announced the publication of a manuscript by quantitative scientists working with IWMM monitoring data to build models of local abundance for waterfowl during spring and fall migration in the Atlantic and Mississippi flyways. The complete citation and link for this manuscript are:

Aagaard, K., S. M. Crimmins, W. E. Thogmartin, B. G. Tavernia, and J. E. Lyons. 2015. Evaluating predictors of local dabbling duck abundance during migra... 65: 100–120.

In addition, the first IWMM habitat validation study, conducted in 2012 to evaluate and refine IWMM habitat monitoring protocol, has been accepted for publication in the journal Wetlands Ecology and Management. A link to the publication, “An Evaluation of Rapid Methods for Monitoring Vegetation Characteristics of Wetland Bird Habitat” by B.G. Tavernia,  J.E. Lyons, B.W. Loges, A. Wilson, J. A. Collazo, and M. C. Runge, will be coming soon.

Got a Question?

Don't be shy! The IWMM staff want to be available and answer any questions you may have about protocols, the database, surveys, etc. 
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