Be a part of history - adopt a vacant Breeding Bird Survey Route

The North American Breeding Bird Survey (BBS), coordinated jointly by the US Geological Survey and Canadian Wildlife Service, is one of the longest-running and more widely referenced bird monitoring programs in existence. The BBS is used to monitor the status and trends of North American bird populations. Following a rigorous protocol, BBS data are collected by thousands of dedicated participants along thousands of randomly established roadside routes throughout the continent. Professional BBS coordinators and data managers work closely with researchers and statisticians to compile and deliver these population data and population trend analyses on more than 400 bird species, for use by conservation managers, scientists, and the general public.

Presently, there are 37 BBS routes in eight Midwest states that are currently listed as vacant for the 2011 season! I'm reaching out to all you to help by filling these routes yourselves or finding interested volunteers to help out.

To assist USGS and state BBS coordinators, I have listed all of the vacant routes below, by state. If you or someone you know would like to sign up, please notify me, and I will route you to the proper contact to get you all set up. It's a great way to spend a morning, especially if you are mostly tied to your computer (as I am), and you walk away with the satisfaction of contributing to a very important data set used for many bird conservation decisions.

Here is the list of vacant routes (and route numbers) by state:

Illinois (ONLY 2 routes!): Itasca (06), Greenview (72)

Indiana (13 routes): Columbia City (07), Swayzee (18), Jamestown (25), Azalia (27), Washington (32), Celestine (36), Vevay (40), Crown Point (301), Laporte (302), Montpelier (307), New Castle (311), Witts Station (312), Maplewood (410)

Iowa (6 routes): Bedford (04), Red Rock (11), Hudson (20), Dinsdale (21), Kanawha (22), Rock Valley (34)

Michigan (6 routes): Marinesco (3) Cunard (13), North Bradley (50), Maple Rapids (52), Owendale (64), Tyre (71)

Minnesota (6 routes): Dawson (14), Edwards (27), Island Lake (36), Franklin (60), Babbitt (73), Nett Lake (179)

Missouri (only 3 routes!): Ohio (23), Marshfield (59), Barnard (136)

Ohio (only 2 routes!): Smithfield (56), Wilgus (188)



Thanks to the Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center (USGS), we now have a map depicting locations for most of the vacant routes:  Breeding_Bird_Routes_Vacant_2011_smaller.pdf

Please contact me today and help make this campaign a success. To learn more about the North American BBS, check out their website:


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