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Connecting with migration stations for RUBL research

Greetings all,

My lab is currently conducting a study of habitat selection and migratory connectivity of Rusty Blackbird during stopover in western Lake Erie.  Part of the project is to use stable isotopes to determine winter and breeding origins of birds using the region during migration.  We are trying to connect with migration stations in other parts of the range that would be willing to collect feathers for this project.  If you know of a contact or operate such a station please…


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Celebrating the Migratory Bird Treaty – A Century of Bird Conservation

By Tom Cooper and Katie Koch, USFWS Midwest Migratory Bird Program

A century ago the conservation landscape across North America was much different for migratory birds.  In the 1800s, the unregulated killing of migratory birds put many species at risk throughout North America.  Feathers from waterbirds such as egrets and herons were highly prized by the fashion…


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Exciting News from the IWMM Program

by Deb Reynolds, USFWS

Database Developments

In December 2015, IWMM released the Data Entry and Project Management portions of its …


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Ecological Forestry Talk at MTU

Thanks to the Lake States Fire Science Consortium for posting this recent talk on ecological forestry made by Dr. Jerry Franklin during a visit to northern MN and the UP. Overall trip was sponsored by Michigan Tech. University School of Forest Resources and Environment, USFS Northern Research Station, Seney NWR Applied Sciences Program, and the Consortium.…


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2016 Lake States Fire Science Consortium Internship Request for Proposals

Please see this link for information on a request for proposals to foster manager-researcher-undergraduate intern cooperative efforts related to fire-dependent ecosystems (including wildlife) in the northern, mostly forested, tier of MN, WI, and MI:

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2015 Midwest Landbird Migration Monitoring Network Workshop Proceedings Now Available

Our fall Midwest Landbird Migration Monitoring Workshop was quite a success!  Many thanks to the following individuals: 1) our steering committee for organizing and facilitating the workshop, 2) our esteemed guest presenters for setting the tone for our discussions, 3) our participants for providing critical insights and information as we solidify project ideas for the next few years, and 4) the great staff at Forest Beach Migratory Bird Preserve for hosting us!  To download and review the…


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NEW!! Handbook for Monitoring Wisconsin’s Migratory Landbirds – Lake Superior

The Handbook for Monitoring Wisconsin’s Migratory Landbirds within the Lake Superior Basin is a resource for Wisconsin Stopover…


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Now Available Online - Grasshopper Sparrow Status Assessment and Conservation Plan

The Status Assessment and Conservation Plan for the Grasshopper Sparrow was designed to review the current status of the species, provide a brief overview of recent research findings, and highlight actions needed to conserve Grasshopper Sparrow populations throughout its range.  The document also includes a prioritized list of actions and needs that we think will achieve long-term, range-wide conservation of this species, emphasizing the reduction of habitat loss…


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Midwest Avian Data Center - Version 2.0 is now live!

I am pleased to announce the launch of Version 2.0 of the Midwest Avian Data Center (MWADC).  After eight months of hard work and dedication, the new website is now available at …


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NEW: Vital Rates of North American Landbirds Website

The Institute for Bird Populations is proud to announce the launch of a new website that provides unprecedented estimates of the vital rates of over 150 species of North American landbirds from 15 years of data from the Monitoring Avian Productivity and Survivorship (MAPS) program, and has the potential to significantly improve strategies for reversing the population declines that are occurring in many of these species.  By examining the estimates of these critical vital rates and the…


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USFWS Announces First Report from Radar Study on Bird and Bat Migration

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recently published a Seasonal Avian Radar Report that evaluates the 2011 fall migration of birds and bats along the Lake Michigan and Lake Huron shorelines in Huron and Oceana counties, Michigan. This report is a product of the Region 3 Ecological Services Avian Radar Project, which has used avian radar and acoustic monitors to study bird and bat migration along the Great Lakes for the past 4 ½ years.…


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Just Released: 2014 Farm Bill Field Guide to Fish & Wildlife Conservation

April 28, 2015 – Today, the North American Bird Conservation Initiative released the 2014 Farm Bill Field Guide to Fish and Wildlife Conservation.This field guide is a tool to assist the staff of federal and state fish and wildlife agencies, nongovernmental conservation organizations, joint ventures, and other conservation partners in implementing Farm Bill conservation…


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Join One of North America's Most Important Bird Monitoring Programs Today!

Each spring over 2500 skilled amateur birders and professional biologists volunteer to participate in the North American Breeding Bird Survey (BBS).  Since 1965, these volunteers have contributed to one of the most widely used bird monitoring datasets in North…


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Seeking Midwest Participation in the Rusty Blackbird Spring Migration Blitz

Although scientists have made huge strides in understanding Rusty Blackbirds on their breeding and wintering grounds – partly thanks to the original Rusty Blackbird Winter Blitz  – we know surprisingly little about the migratory requirements and habits of this species. Are there hot spots where many individuals congregate during migration?  Are similar migratory stopover areas used by Rusties…


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Birb mounitoring at Veracruz Mexico, the Veracruz River of Raptors Project

The annual Biggest Raptor migration count in the world (4.5 average raptors, plus waterfowl and passerines) invite to visit the project this coming Fall, birders or Ornithologists, and general public are invited to go to Pronatura´s Count Sites and Banding…


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Just Released - Midwest Landbird Migration Monitoring Network Strategic Action Plan

Conservation strategies aimed at the protection of migratory birds are incomplete without including migratory bird flyway and stopover habitat preservation. The Midwest includes areas, such as the Great Lakes, that are heavily used by migrating landbirds. Migratory landbird monitoring can and should play an essential role in bird conservation planning, guiding design of on-the-ground activities and evaluation of implementation practices to inform adaptive management. Efforts to better…


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Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment for Migratory Birds of the Upper Midwest and Great Lakes Region

New Report Available: Full Annual Cycle Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment for Migratory Birds of the Upper Midwest and Great Lakes Region

by Peter Marra, Leah Culp, Amy Scarpignato, and Emily Cohen

Migratory Connectivity Project

Migratory Bird Center

Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute

Climate vulnerability assessments (CVAs) have been used extensively to assess climate change risk to inform species…


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Bird Conservation Network (BCN) monitoring activities, reports and publications

The Bird Conservation Network is pleased to be part of this Partnership. Here is the mission statement for BCN.

BCN promotes public awareness, knowledge, appreciation and enjoyment of birds, and other wildlife and wildlife habitat, and both proposes and supports public and private programs designed to protect, restore, and enhance the natural environment, and conserve/increase native bird populations.

BCN seeks to inform…


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Bird Monitoring Program Evaluation Tool

The Bird Monitoring Evaluation Tool was designed to help evaluate and improve bird monitoring programs based on the principles outlined in the North American Bird Conservation Initiative report Opportunities for Improving Avian Monitoring.  Register and evaluate your bird monitoring program today by visiting this website: …


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US Shorebirds of Conservation Concern - 2015 list now available!

The most recent assessments of the conservation status of shorebirds that occur regularly in the USA were conducted by the U.S. Shorebird Conservation Plan (USSCP) partners in 2004 and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service as part of the 2008 Birds of Conservation Concern (BCC).  To contribute to the upcoming revision of the Birds of Conservation Concern and recent update of the “Watch List” (Rosenberg et al. 2014), USSCP partners undertook a re-assessment of the conservation status of…


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