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Human Dimensions Success Stories in Bird Conservation

Please help us by submitting your human dimensions success stories in bird conservation!

The greater bird conservation community has identified a need for human dimensions success stories to be collected, organized, and shared with the community. As such, the North American Bird Conservation Initiative (NABCI) Human Dimensions Subcommittee has volunteered to take on this project and we've created the following…


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The North American Breeding Bird Survey Needs YOU!

Each spring over 2500 skilled amateur birders and professional biologists volunteer to participate in the North American Breeding Bird Survey (BBS).  Since 1965, these volunteers have contributed to one of the most widely used bird monitoring datasets in North America.  In…


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Notice of Funding Opportunity, USFWS Midwest Region Migratory Bird Program

The USFWS Midwest Region’s Division of Migratory Birds is pleased to announce the availability of funding through their small grants program for specific projects to advance the science and implementation of migratory bird conservation in the Upper Midwest. A description of the projects for which we seek proposals follows...


HOWEVER, for complete instructions on submitting proposals, please:

  1. Go to the …

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Fire in Minnesota Forests-A Conference Co-Sponsored by Lake States Fire Science Consortium

Forward from University of Minnesota's Sustainable Forests Education Cooperative:
I am writing to share some resources from the December 1, 2016 Fire in Minnesota's Forests event in Grand Rapids, MN.  We have added an event summary, presentation slides, recorded presentations, links to documents mentioned at the workshop, and a few photos at the following url:  …

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Birder Certification Improves Data Reliability

The Great Lakes Inventory and Monitoring…


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Current Projects on Management Banding and Original Research


Evaluation of Migratory Stop-Over and Summering Habitat by Neotropical Migratory Birds in Central Wisconsin 

Working with the parameters of the Wisconsin Stop-Over Habitat Conservation/Monitoring Initiative, several sites within three central counties (Western Central Lake Michigan Basin-Tier 2) are being monitored for bird use and habitat qualities are being measured. Estimating productivity, longevity and survival of target summering species, utilization…


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Fire and Aspen Webinars-Lake States Fire Science Consortium

Please see the following list of fire-related webinars that may be of value to those managing such ecosystems for fire-dependent wildlife. Note, there are 2 talks on aspen ecology and one on wood turtle monitoring.

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Occupancy of California Spotted Owl Sites Following a Large Fire in the Sierra Nevada, California

A good lecture covering the complexities of fire management in the context of an Endangerd species, the Spotted Owl. The speaker, Monica Bond, has published numerous articles suggesting the value of high severity fires for many bird species, including Black-Backed Woodpecker.

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Beyond Endangered Species Protectionism: Mexican Spotted Owls, Fire, and Forest Management

Interesting lecture, with implications in pine-dominated ecosystems of the Upper Midwest (jack pine, red pine, white pine, etc.).

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Partners in Flight Releases New Landbird Conservation Plan!

This revised Plan provides an updated analysis of the population trends and conservation status of all 450 landbirds in the continental U.S. and Canada and documents widespread declines among these species—a troubling indicator of the health of landbird populations and their…


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Spatial and Strategic Guidance for Conserving Midwest Grasslands

Despite significant advances in conservation policy and land-use practice, stewards of Midwest grasslands face persistent challenges in sustaining the ecological and economic values of pasture, hayfield, and prairie ecosystems. The Midwest Grasslands Network with support from the U.S.…


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Landscape-scale effects on Kirtland's Warbler breeding habitat management in nLP of Michigan

It is well supported in ecology literature that land management focused on single outputs tends to simplify complex ecosystems. Although many papers have shown that forest management that occurs solely for commodity production may not yield patterns within the natural range of variation, fewer studies have questioned forest management activities that focus primarily on single species of wildlife. It is conceivable that forest management for specific wildlife population outputs may also…


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Analysis of long-term forest bird monitoring data from national forests of the western Great Lakes Region

(Black-and-white Warbler photo credit: Jeff Koch)


Niemi, Gerald J.; Howe, Robert W.; Sturtevant, Brian R.; Parker, Linda R.; Grinde, Alexis R.; Danz, Nicholas P.; Nelson, Mark D.;…


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Upper Mississippi Valley/Great Lakes Shorebird Conservation Plan Now Available

We are pleased to announce the availability of the Upper Mississippi Valley /Great Lakes (UMVGL) Regional Shorebird Conservation Plan.  Version 1.0 of this plan was developed in 2000 and this plan – Version 2.0 – updates that document.  The UMVGL region is a diverse area that…


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New Training Materials for the Midwest Avian Data Center

You can now access not one, but TWO, step-by-step user manuals for the Midwest Avian Data Center, as well as materials from recent workshops:

Midwest Avian Data Center User's Guide (Version 2.0) (click to download)

In this brief user’s guide, we describe data management and decision support tools offered by MWADC. We also provide an…


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IBP Bird Banding Classes at Wolfe Ridge, MN

The Institute for Bird Populations is pleased to be once again working with Wolf Ridge ELC in northeastern Minnesota to offer two bird banding classes during the summer 2016. The banding classes will be held at the …


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Celebrate the Migratory Bird Treaty Centennial by participating in the North American Breeding Bird Survey!!!

Each spring over 2500 skilled individuals volunteer to participate in the North American Breeding Bird Survey (BBS).  Since 1965, these volunteers have contributed to one of the most widely used bird monitoring datasets in North America.  In 2009, the Midwest…


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Registration Now Open! State of Stopover Symposium, 5-7 October 2016, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

We are proud to announce registration is now open online for the much-anticipated 2016 migratory bird symposium (The State Of Stopover 2016) in Wisconsin, October 5-7.…

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Connecting with migration stations for RUBL research

Greetings all,

My lab is currently conducting a study of habitat selection and migratory connectivity of Rusty Blackbird during stopover in western Lake Erie.  Part of the project is to use stable isotopes to determine winter and breeding origins of birds using the region during migration.  We are trying to connect with migration stations in other parts of the range that would be willing to collect feathers for this project.  If you know of a contact or operate such a station please…


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Celebrating the Migratory Bird Treaty – A Century of Bird Conservation

By Tom Cooper and Katie Koch, USFWS Midwest Migratory Bird Program

A century ago the conservation landscape across North America was much different for migratory birds.  In the 1800s, the unregulated killing of migratory birds put many species at risk throughout North America.  Feathers from waterbirds such as egrets and herons were highly prized by the fashion…


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