Registry of Midwest Bird Monitoring Programs - Version 2.0 Now Available!

The Registry of Midwest Bird Monitoring Programs identifies individual monitoring initiatives, their sponsoring institutions, and the scope of the survey. Contact information and weblinks are also provided to promote communication and awareness.


To help me make the Registry of Midwest Monitoring Programs as comprehensive as possible, please contact me by phone or email today and tell me all about the bird monitoring programs you oversee, participate in, or use data from to guide bird conservation decisions. I'm most interested in programs taking place in the following states (however, they can be regional, national, or international in scope): Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, and Wisconsin. You can reach me by phone at: (906) 226-1249 or email: Thanks for helping me build awareness and connectivity between our avian monitoring programs!


The Midwest Bird Monitoring Registry is now available as a searchable, easy-to-use Microsoft Access database (Updated August 30, 2012).


Special thanks to Gareth Rowell for creating version 2.0!!!

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