Our Organization

The Midwest Coordinated Bird Monitoring Partnership is a voluntary network of partners committed to informed bird conservation decisions through enhanced coordination and exchange of monitoring information.  Since 2009, we have been accomplishing these goals through regular workshops, an interactive website, registry of Midwest bird monitoring programs, focused working groups, and a state-of-the-art system for data management and decision support.


We have one full-time coordinator on staff to provide leadership and ensure progress towards shared goals.  On occasion, we also contract with individuals to lead specific projects on a term basis.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee consists of representatives from 10 organizations, including federal and state resource agencies, universities, and national and regional conservation organizations.  The Steering Committee’s function is to provide overall guidance and direction to the Partnership.  In addition, each member

  • represents his or her organization’s interests in achieving the Partnership's mission;
  • facilitates active engagement from his or her organization;
  • participates in one or more Working Groups; and
  • disseminates important information and tools produced by the Partnership on a regular basis.

In 2014,  we developed a Charter to direct the Steering Committee's activities and define requirements for participation.

Working Groups

To date, 10 working groups have been formed to address needs identified in our Framework document, build a sense of community, share expertise, and connect researchers, scientists, managers and bird enthusiasts.  


Midwest Coordinated Bird Monitoring Partnership Web Community

Our web community represents a subset of the bird conservation community served by the Partnership.  It consists of a growing number of professionals (now more than 600) and interested parties who stay engaged by visiting the website, receiving regular updates, and participating in webinars and workshops.  The community also includes active individuals who have formed and participate in online work groups oriented around specific bird conservation issues or species of concern.  If you are not currently a member, we encourage you to join!

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