2014 Midwest Bird Conservation and Monitoring Workshop

Port Washington, Wisconsin


Abstract Booklet

Plenary Presentations

Long-term monitoring of forest breeding birds of the Western Great Lakes Region (1987-2013) (Ed Zlonis)

Building bird friendly landscapes: a joint venture perspective (Ben Kahler and Rachael Pierce)

Human-caused bird mortality in the US: A comparison of data-driven estimates and identification of future directions for research (Scott Loss, Tom Will, and Pete Marra)*

Extinction Risk and Probability of Decline as Metrics for Ranking Conservation Priority Species (Jessica Stanton and Wayne Thogmartin)

Using demographically informed species distribution models to assess climate change vulnerability (Part 1) (Part 2) (Lisa McCauley, Ben Zuckerberg, and Chris Ribic)

Full Life Cycle Bird-friendly Landscapes (Part 1) (Part 2) (Tom Will and Dave King)

The Future is Bright for the Midwest CBM Partnership (Katie Koch)

*This presentation available upon request; contact scott.loss@okstate.edu.  

Workshop Notes


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