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  • Northern Forest Birds (BCR 12) Working Group

    25 members Latest Activity: Apr 18

    Vision: Our leadership and guidance in monitoring, research and management actions ensure thriving, diverse northern…

  • Midwest Migration Network

    36 members Latest Activity: Oct 2, 2017

    As we work to increase bird survival throughout the annual cycle, we recognize the importance of understanding migratory connectivity through a…

  • Monitoring Demographics of Birds in the Midwest

    21 members Latest Activity: Mar 28, 2015

    As we take the leap from status and trend assessment to monitoring bird demographics across the Midwest region, we need to develop an effective…

  • Midwest Grassland Network

    48 members Latest Activity: Feb 7, 2017

    We are dedicated to monitoring grassland birds to inform conservation, management, and policy decisions. Our current effort to create a Midwest…

  • Midwest Secretive Marshbird Working Group

    37 members Latest Activity: Apr 18

    Secretive marshbirds such as rails, bitterns, coots, and grebes are among the most poorly monitored bird groups in North America. The National…

  • Monitoring & Mapping Great Lakes Pelagic Birds

    7 members Latest Activity: Dec 15, 2015

    This is the web forum for the Regional Project Team. We will post notes from team meetings, interim products and other materials as we work…

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