Priorities and Next Steps

Our Working Group has identified the following priority outcomes that are ripe for action and provide an opportunity for measurable progress in the next 1-2 years:

  1. Identifying shared objectives and methodologies in order to build larger, more robust datasets about birds and habitats (following the steps identified in the Northeast Bird Monitoring Handbook).
  2. Exploring cause and effect relationships between management decisions and bird community responses.
  3. Expanding the use of the Midwest Avian Data Center as a platform for sharing and using avian datasets.
  4. Developing an online web community that:
    • Highlights partner involvement in historical and on-going bird monitoring and conservation;
    • Facilitates discussions that contribute to collaborative conservation throughout BCR 12;
    • Outreaches upcoming events; and
    • Communicates success and identifies future needs for the BCR 12 effort (living clearinghouse for information with links to other relevant efforts).

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