Notes from Workshops and Meetings

1) 2009-2010 Meeting Notes

(These notes are from Midwest Coordinated Bird Monitoring Partnership workshops that took place during 2009 and 2010, prior to formation of a formal working group.)


2) 2011 Midwest CBM Conference Working Group Notes

(These notes are from a half-day discussion about the need and proposed structure for a Midwest Landbird Migration Monitoring Network.)

3) 2012 Workshop Summary

(These notes are from a one-day working group meeting during the 2012 Midwest Bird Conservation and Monitoring Workshop.  There, we refined goals and desired future conditions to kick off development of our network.)

4) 2015 Midwest Migration Network Workshop

(Agenda, notes, and poster presentations from a two-day workshop in fall 2015)

5) 2016 State of Stopover Symposium (abbreviated notes from the MMN Session can be downloaded here)

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