Helpful Web Resources

Other Migration Monitoring Networks:

  • Northeast Regional Migration Monitoring Network: A dynamic interactive group of resource agencies, academic institutions, non-government organizations, and private foundations from Atlantic Canada to the mid-Atlantic region working to learn about the movement biology and ecology of birds and bats.
  • Landbird Monitoring Network of the Americas: A joint effort of individuals, organizations, and government agencies in the Western Hemisphere to collect, archive, and make available the data and results of monitoring efforts from stations across the Americas.
  • MOSIA network of mist-netting stations operated during the non-breeding season in Mexico and Central America to identify and understand landbirds' habitat needs during the winter.

Web-based Applications to Guide Decisions Impacting Migratory Landbirds:

  • Great Lakes Migratory Bird Stopover Portal: This portal provides information on stopover sites and ecology within the Great Lakes region to a variety of audiences, including natural resource managers, municipal planners, entities siting energy installations and other infrastructure, and even businesses interested in seeing where migratory birds and the birders they attract might be concentrated.

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