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Notes from the 2014 Workshop - Building a Network of Grassland Landscapes

The Midwest Grassland Bird Working Group met on August 7, 2014 at the Midwest Bird Conservation and Monitoring Workshop in Port Washington, WI. The program featured several illuminating presentations… View »

Working Group Notes 2010-2012

I will periodically update this with conference call and meeting notes for your reference. Here are notes from an Eastern US Grassland Bird Conference Call, an effort to start linking Midwest grassl… View »

Factors Influencing Detectability of Grassland Birds - Webinar Materials

Every biologist planning a bird survey will encounter questions about detection probability sooner or later.  Many factors affect the detectability of birds, but these factors can be difficult t… View »

A Landscape Scale Framework for Cooperative Grassland Bird Conservation

In September of 2011, a team of bird conservation partners convened at the National Conservation Training Center to apply the principles of Structured Decision Making to the challenge of conserving g… View »


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