Notes from the 2014 Workshop - Building a Network of Grassland Landscapes

The Midwest Grassland Bird Working Group met on August 7, 2014 at the Midwest Bird Conservation and Monitoring Workshop in Port Washington, WI. The program featured several illuminating presentations and discussions, which led to the formation of a mapping team for the emerging Midwest Grassland Network. Detailed notes from the workshop are available for download below.

To learn more about the Midwest Grassland Network, join the mapping team, or participate in a new socio-ecological systems study group focused on grasslands, please contact Dan Lambert (; 802.436.4065).

Meeting Notes

Building a Network of Grassland Landscapes Workshop Notes.docx


Grassland Bird Conservation and Monitoring in the Upper Midwest 2009-2014.pdf (Katie Koch)

Building a Network of Grassland Landscapes in the Midwest.pdf (Dan Lambert)

Linking Wildlife, Water, and Agriculture: A Systematic Approach to Multi-benefit Conservation in the Prairie Pothole Region of Minnesota and Iowa.pdf (Ryan Drum) - link to video

Engaging Multiple Partners in Grassland Bird Conservation in an Urbanized Area.pdf (Judy Pollock) - link to video

Defining Neighborhoods to Optimize the Effectiveness of Landscape-scale Grassland Bird Conservation.pdf (Michael Guttery) - link to video

Brokering Relationships to Increase Grasslands in the Upper Midwest.pdf (Laura Paine)

Developing a shared vision for a Midwest bird conservation map.pdf (Dan Lambert)

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