A Landscape Scale Framework for Cooperative Grassland Bird Conservation

In September of 2011, a team of bird conservation partners convened at the National Conservation Training Center to apply the principles of Structured Decision Making to the challenge of conserving grassland bird populations that breed throughout Eastern North America.  The resulting framework included novel thinking, in that it 1) integrated grassland bird conservation and monitoring across a given annual cycle (breeding, migration, and wintering periods), 2) modeled changes in grassland bird populations as they relate to landowner decisions that affect land cover and habitat availability.  It may also be applicable to other geographies not addressed in this first prototype.


Several workshop products are available for viewing:

Fact Sheet (PDF)

Workshop Report (PDF)

Powerpoint Presentation

Poster Presentation


The team continues to meet by conference call and is actively engaging other partnerships in advancing the framework beyond the first prototype developed during the workshop.  Updates and meeting notes will continue to be posted as they become available.


For more information or to get involved in this effort, please contact:

Katie Koch

Midwest Bird Monitoring Coordinator




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