2014 NABCI Demographic Monitoring Workshop Proceedings

2014 Demographic Monitoring Workshop

November 18-20, 2014

Shaw Center, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 

PURPOSE:  To bring together bird conservation and monitoring practitioners from throughout the western hemisphere to adopt a shared vision for a demographic monitoring network based on clear objectives, integrating existing programs, and prioritizing needs for future development.

BACKGROUND:  During the Partners in Flight Fifth International Workshop (PIF V), a session on monitoring throughout the full annual cycle resulted in key recommendations for the bird monitoring community.  One of the most pressing needs was improving and expanding demographic monitoring throughout the western hemisphere (i.e., MOSI, MAPS, and all other activities).  The NABCI Monitoring Subcommittee has taken on this project and would like to help the bird monitoring community develop: 1) clear objectives, 2) a balanced approach for monitoring resident and migratory birds, 3) a networked approach that offers recommendations and guidance among programs, and 4) a resilient funding model for these activities (on-going and new).   

Workshop Announcement


Workshop Notes


Shared Vision for a Demographic Monitoring Network (Ken Rosenberg, Cornell Lab of Ornithology)

Vital Rates of North American Landbirds (David DeSante, Institute for Bird Populations)

Demographic Monitoring in Britain (Rob Robinson, British Trust for Ornithology)

What is Demography? (CJ Ralph, USFS Redwood Sciences Laboratory)

How will demographic monitoring ultimately advance bird conservation? (Katie Koch, US Fish and Wildlife Service)

Waterfowl Management Case Studies (Pat Devers, US Fish and Wildlife Service)

Demographic monitoring and full annual cycle population modeling (Clark Rushing, Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center)

Modeling the effects of breeding versus winter habitat loss on the population dynamics of a Neotropical migratory songbird (Caz Taylor, Tulane University)

Broad-scale bird-banding and count data and integrated population models (Jim Saracco, Institute for Bird Populations)

Incorporating population models into decision making (Bill Kendall, Colorado State University)

Application of Bayesian integrated population models to national bird monitoring: a practical perspective (Rob Robinson, British Trust for Ornithology)

Strategies for effective monitoring in Latin America and the Caribbean (Viviana Ruiz-Gutierrez, Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory)

Aggregating information and knowledge across sites and scales (Leo Salas, Point Blue Conservation Science)

Accommodating Geographic Scale In The Analysis Of Bird Monitoring Data (John Sauer, US Geological Survey)

Questions about uncertainty and confidence in model outputs and decision support tools (Leo Salas, Point Blue Conservation Science)

NABCI Demographic Monitoring Workshop participants hard at work on the last day!

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